Richard Wolfe

chairman & chief Executive

Richard Wolfe co-founded Trace with his friend and business partner Colin Clarke in December 1974.

Before that, Richard was a Systems Analyst at Unisys, where he worked for 5 years. It was there he developed his lifelong belief that exceptional service and support is the basis of how Trace should operate.

At Trace, he has been managing director of both Trace Isys and Trace Financial; CEO since 2000; and most recently Chairman and CEO following the management buyout which he led and helped fund.

Richard’s ethical stance continues to permeate all aspects of the Group’s operations.

Peter Stolerman

Financial Director

Peter Stolerman became Trace’s first Financial Director in November 1988, when he played a key role in the Group’s flotation.

Before Trace he spent many years as a senior accountant at Arthur Andersen & Co, a role which included a secondement to the Department of Transport.

Peter’s wide experience in areas such as property, retail, manufacturing and management consultancy have proved invaluable to Trace, where he now controls all financial and administrative affairs.

Keith Donovan

Executive Director

Keith joined Trace in 1999 as Systems Integrator after completing a PhD in High Energy Particle Physics.

After spending several years as the Transformer Development Manager he joined the board of Trace Financial as Technical Director in 2014 and became Managing Director in July 2017.

While Trace Financial’s reputation has been built mainly in the financial arena, Keith’s view is that Trace Financial’s products can benefit numerous industries with very diverse messaging needs. From his twenty years at Trace Keith has seen the value of building relationships with customers and is very proud of the level of customer service that Trace Financial provide.

Simon Howden

Executive Director

Simon was appointed CEO of Trace Isys in June 2017, having worked for the company for 17 years, initially, as an analyst programmer, then as business analyst, and finally as a Director focused on business analysis, quality assurance and account management.

Simon is dedicated to delivering competitive advantage to Trace’s clients, worldwide, by providing solutions that drive operational efficiency, compliance and growth.

Louise Dawson

Executive Director

Louise joined Trace Solutions in 2001, rising to become a Board Director in 2017 and Managing Director in 2021.

There are few areas of the business in which Louise has not played a key role. She has managed trainers, the help desk, QA and product engineering teams, while her background in property accounting on the client side has given her a profound, hands-on understanding of the needs of customers.

Louise continues to champion software innovation, seeing it as the vital tool to respond to the challenges that the post-pandemic commercial property sector now faces.